Daniel Rorke - San'an

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"A fullblooded performer of the Nordic jazz sound"

---------------------------- Lasse Haugen Jazznytt No2.2011

This recording draws influence from the music of the Japanese 
shakuhachi, contemporary electronica, Scandinavian folk music, 
both European and American jazz traditions as well as tonal, 
atonal and microtonal composition. The majority of the tunes 
are penned by the saxophonist who is in good company. Many 
jazz fans will know Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson from 
his work with Jim Black's Alas No Axis. Per Oddvar Johansen 
has a number of ECM releaces under his belt with The Source, 
Trygve Seim and Christian Wallumrød while Rune Nergaard 
performs regularly with Bushman's Revenge who can be heard on 
the Runegrammofon label.
Daniel Rorke - Saxophones / Hilmar Jensson - Guitar / 
Rune Nergaard- Bass / Per Oddvar Johansen - Drums
Recorded by Jan Erik Kongshaug in Rainbow Studios Oslo, 
Norway, August 2009.

Daniel Rorke "San'an"
Daniel Rorke - (s), Hilmar Jensson - (g), 
Rune Nergaard - (b), Per Oddvar Johansen - (d)
Satu 0902
The Australian saxophonist Daniel Rorke is inspired by the 
Japanese Instrument Shakuhachi, a bamboo-like wind instrument. 
Rapturous bamboo possibilities are cultivated on the album 
San'an. Different styles and genres are strongly represented 
here. The composer Rorke has also been joined by a legendary 
lineup that consists of highly productive jazz musicians with 
different backgrounds and nationalities. We recognize the 
Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson who has worked with, 
among others, Jim Black's Alas No Axis. Otherwise, the 
quartet consists of two strong jazz names Daniel Rorke has 
met through the jazz community of Trondheim, Rune Nergaard 
on bass and Per Oddvar Johansen on drums. This is also a bit 
of the secret behind the album San'an, not least, it was 
recorded in the Rainbow Studio, making this album a master 
meeting of jazz musicians. One should be careful to compare 
with this with previous and other major releases, but 
Fluctuations, Metamorphoses is a groundbreaking introduction 
where Hilmar Jensson entirely profits. Daniel Rorke's years 
in Trondheim have made him a fullblooded performer of the 
Nordic jazz sound.
-Lasse Haugen Jazznytt No2.2011 Translated from Norwegian.